Filmmaker // Photographer // Writer

Commercial • Adventure • Lifestyle • Documentary

As a multimedia artist and storyteller, each art form is bound to my heart in equal measures.

As a kinesthetic  and empathetic person I like to create and connect. I am obsessed with pattern and geometry in nature, candid moments, and created worlds within reality. I am passionate about the outdoors, conservation, exploration, and sharing that joy with others. The fire of adventure fuels my soul and my work, and the technical photography/film and outdoor experience I have gained keeps me grounded and versatile. The wheels in my head are always turning, so any project that requires creativity, a bit of gumption, and some sweat is the sort of task I seek to complete.

 Photograph taken by the illustrious   Bonnie Beth Burke  .

Photograph taken by the illustrious Bonnie Beth Burke.


My career is just part of the equation, as an avid long distance hiker I spend large chunks of time diving deep into the ritual of a simple life that moves forward one step at a time.  I strive to encourage people to reach for big goals, look outside the box, to care for the world around them, and experience life in ways they haven't before.

Sharing stories from around the planet is my aim, and to get there I will walk, run, hike, bike, climb, swim, ski, snowshoe, paddle, ride trains, cars, and planes, and chase light.


Julie received a Bachelor of Arts in Photography in 2005 from Texas A&M University-Commerce.  In 2007 she went on to receive a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from Florida State University.  In 2010, after doing extensive hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail she relocated to Los Angeles, CA. She is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY, but will happily work anywhere on the globe. She is a member of IATSE Local 600.


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