My Dad has always told me to save for retirement...

...but to me that doesn't mean just putting pennies away for older age.  It also means taking a stand for the things I love and cherish, so that they will be saved for my old age and for generations to come.  

So in the summer of 2015 I decided to save for retirement by reminding people there are alternative modes of transportation to planes and cars, daily choices can be made with sustainability in mind, there are beautiful places we need to conserve, we can become involved in communities wherever we are, we can cultivate our inquisitive minds, and that we all have stories to share.

Director // Julie Hotz         

Director of Photography // Amado Stachenfeld          

Editor // Ian W. McGee

Music // "Procesion", from the Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack.

"Everything Could Be Fine (the Astroboy Remix)" by Sun Glitters

In early July thru early October of 2015 I thru hiked the entire length of the Pacific Northwest Trail, which runs from Glacier National Park Montana to the Washington/Olympic Coast. To get to the trailhead I walked out my front door in Los Angeles, CA, hoped onto my loaded bike, and rode to Glacier NP. Along the way and throughout the hike I will be collected data and raised both funds and awareness for the nonprofit organization Adventurers and Scientists for conservation.  

Learn more about ASC at

Why work with ASC?

Typically it is quite hard for me to be regularly involved/volunteer with non profit groups or community events due to work and my semi-nomadic lifestyle.  With ASC I can regularly participate, even if I'm deep in the heart of the wilderness or cycling down a lonely stretch of highway.  They are trying to fill a gap in environmental data gathering and problem solve in a unique way, this in turn can expand our understanding of human impact on the world around us, and help guide the decisions we make as a world population going into the future.  

Their mission is to "mobilize the outdoor community to gather scientific data, driving conservation around the world." 



Though my fundraising campaign is over, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation is still working hard to collect data on several research and advocacy projects! If you're interested in possibly volunteering or donating, visit today!