Pacific Northwest Trail 2015

The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail spans over 1,200 miles between Cape Alava on the Washington/Olympic Peninsula to Glacier National Park in Northwestern Montana.  It crosses the Rocky Mountains, the North Cascades, and the Olympic range.  As a young long distance trail it is still being routed and mapped out slowly so it currently includes: lovely single track trails, dirt roads, beach hikes, and intimidating bushwhacks.   Every sort of weather can be excepted from good to bad to worse, and every emotion surely will be felt along the way.

This summer I'll attempt to thru-hike the trail starting in early July at Chief Mountain Border Crossing in Glacier National Park (thru-hike = hiking a trail in one long go, only getting off trail for brief resupplies).

Though I didn't start the official planning until this year, I've been scheming since before I even finished the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. 

This blog space will be dedicated to preparations, gear lists, and journal entries along the way.  I hope not only to share this experience with family and friends, but hopefully this can also be a trail conditions resources for fellow hikers.  This post is so formal, don't expect the rest to be this proper and stale.

Happy Trails,

Julie (aka: Rainbow Brite )