Learn more about me and my work (or just my struggles, hopes, dreams, and fears) through these interviews.


She explores podcast: 

Episode 2: Human Powered Travel // Interview With Julie Hotz

For episode 2 of the She Explores podcast, we continued on the topic of fear. We talked with Julie about her affinity for “human-powered” travel. Her most recent journey took her from Los Angeles to Glacier National Park by bicycle and from there to the ocean through by hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail.

As beautiful as Julie’s photographs are, we learn that a long bicycle trip or thru hike is not really about the landscape – it’s about discovering deep truths about yourself.

This episode is unique in that it also includes sounds Julie recorded along her way. We hope you enjoy!


She Explores podcast 

Episode 32: Sisters in Persistence

Sisters Julie Hotz and Shelly Blacketer grew up together in Texas but took very separate paths. Living 1,500 miles away, they decided to train for their first race together: a half-ironman. This episode is kind of about that race, but it’s more about two sisters coming together in a novel way.

Learn about how pain can be integral to growth, the subtle bonds that tie family together, and why it’s important to do hard things.