Julie A Hotz
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Currently all my expeditions are self-funded.  It does take a considerable about of time, planning, money, and resources, but I try to live simply to make these long distance adventures happen as often as possible.  If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with me, even in a small way please drop me a line.  If you are a small company I would love to hear from you.  I'm always looking for new products to test and I am a big supporter of small independent businesses.  



 Q: Do you have a valid passport?

A:  Of course!


Q: What training/experience do you have in film and photography?

A: I have a BA in Photography (2005, summa cume laude, Texas A&M Commerce, Commerce, TX) and a MFA in Film Production (2007, Florida State University).  Additionally I apprenticed and trained with documentary and commercial photographers before entering the film world, and since receiving my degrees I have worked with and learned from Photographers and DPs around the world.  I have been working in Los Angeles full time as freelance artist in the Film/Photography Industry since 2010.


Q: Are you suited for expedition style projects?

A: Yes, I have extensive long distance backcountry experience, some technical mountain training, and have spent months at a time living in the outdoors, working on both athletic and visual projects.  I can carry heavy loads over mountains, cook and care for myself, and put up with all sorts elements.


Q: Do you have interests outside of photography and film?

A: Ah yes!  I think investing time in diverse areas of life is a positive contribution to the creative thought process.  I spend lots of time cooking, hiking, reading, writing, learning to participate in various outdoor sports, advocating and researching sustainable lifestyles and agriculture, singing/playing instruments.