Season 1: Episode 04 // Part 4: Movement (Featuring Mary Ann Thomas)

I don’t love packing or unpacking. But I love the in-between movement, the actual act of moving your body from one place to another. In this episode, which touches on my drive from LA to NYC, we find a celebration of motion, movement, moving, migration, and all that comes along with it.

In this episode we talk to writer, long-distance cyclist, and travel nurse, Mary Ann Thomas, a queer brown daughter of Indian immigrants, about home, home in migration, and home in movement.

Photo by  Daniel Baylis

Photo by Daniel Baylis

Photo by  K.ho

Photo by K.ho

Photo by  K.ho

Photo by K.ho

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Buy Asking for Elephants, the chapbook that Mary Ann co-authored with Daniel Baylis: Independent Option! Corporate option (Amazon).

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And thanks to Addy Polet for submitting a voice memo that was included in this episode. Find Addy here!

Also, I made a short playlist Spotify playlist based on some of the music that I listened to while writing the “Movement” episode script. Find the playlist here!