UN/ROOTED // Trailer // Season One

Welcome to UN/ROOTED podcast!

This is a podcast about home—the places we find ourselves living in and moving through, literally and figuratively, expected and unexpected, temporarily and long term. We touch on belonging, homesickness, gentrification, borders, the history of the places we love, etc.

In season one I’ll take you on my cross country move, we’ll explore homesickness, embrace a new city, weather unexpected surprises, and become comfortable with uncertainty and new transitions. We have conversations about home with friends near and far and hear the home stories of people across the country and the globe.

I’m so excited to release this trailer and begin the show. It is a labor of love inspired by my ever evolving definitions of home. Last year, my feelings on home become even more complicated when I unexpectedly moved to NYC. But instead of hiding from the questions I decided to dig into this concept and begin talking to people about the topic.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: I’d love to hear from you, to include your thoughts in an upcoming episode! What is “home” to you? Is “home” a specific place, a ritual you have, an object, a person, a food, a smell, a mindset, or something you’re still trying to find? All answers are welcome, whether traditional, funny, out there, or heartbreaking. Record a short voice memo on your phone or computer and send it to unrootedpodcast@gmail.com Don’t forget to include your name in the recording. I won’t be able to include every voice submission, but I can’t wait to listen to them all.

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